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Welcome to Forklift-Tanks.com!

Propane powered forklifts are nessisary for many companies here in the United States. Here are ForkliftTanks.com, we provide the knowledge you need to keep your propane tanks in safe running shape.

Take a look at our site, we are sure you will find the items you will need for your gas supply system on your forklift. We stock service valves, fill valves, propane tank fittings, and much more. Please don't hesiate to contact us with any questions!

What is a Forklift Tank?

Forklift Tank

A forklift tank (also called a forklift cylinder) is a propane tank that is designed to fuel a forklift.

Most propane tanks will pull vapor from the tank, while forklift tanks pull liquid. For that reason, forlift tanks cannot be used for household applications, such as running your BBQ or fire place.

Forklift tanks are also different becuase they can be used vertically and horizontally. THis is due to the liquid withdrawl tube that has been welded inside of the tank.

All of the forklift tanks we sell are "fully fit", meaning they will have all of the valves installed, includeing a gauge.

    Our forklift tanks have the following valves:
  • Sight Gauge
  • Liquid Level Gauge
  • Service Valve
  • Coupler
  • Fill Valve
  • Saftey Relief Valve
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